Mauricio De la Rocha G

Hi, welcome to my site, I'm glad you are here.

Instead of writing about my accomplishments or where I came from, I’d like to tell you about my work and how it evolved to what you see here.

I’ll start with a little bit of context. I've been photographing random people in their most personal spaces since 2010. First, with my "Camera Obscura Project" (2010-14), then with the "Night Ghost Stories" (2013-15) and finally with my "Double Exposures" & "Composite Project" (2016). My work has been exhibited all over Australia in different art galleries.

Portraitures and personal projects have always been my way to explore and express myself through photographs.

The vulnerability and courage of the person I’m photographing, the quality of conversations, and the trust given to me never stops to amaze me. Having a person pointing a camera at you is intrusive and intimidating enough, but seeing the subject embrace the experience and witness how they build instant confidence and feel empowered is the most rewarding part of my job.


In "Intimate Stories" I found a personal project that speaks to me in a very real and raw way. It is an experience that offers gifts to both, subject and photographer. And after many years, I feel I’ve found my own voice and style. 

I hope you enjoy my work. If you are curious and want to experience a photoshoot like this, please don't hesitate to contact me.



© 2019 by Mauricio De la Rocha G.

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