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For you. 


If you are reading these lines means you are curious or interested to some degree in working with me. The question I have for you is what is holding you back or making you doubt. 


We are all bouncing between challenges and transitions. Sometimes it's hard to remember to stop and enjoy the beauty of the present day. We are all closing doors and opening new chapters in our lives. Trying new things and getting out of our comfort zone is the path to growth. Putting fears behind us and moving forward despite what other people might think makes us stronger and more confident. All this requires courage, a characteristic that is rarer and rarer in these times.  


But as the Latin proverb goes, "Fortune favors the brave."


"Give yourself a gift," Marcus Aurelius wrote, "the present moment."


It’s the ordinary present that we should cherish.

Because it’s all we have. 


If you want to do it, you should. 

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